Ideas for a Healthier Summer Low Carb BBQ

At Carbonaut, we’re here to help you create healthy, low carb eats for that summer Father’s Day BBQ. Because let’s be honest: summer + BBQ + Father’s Day? It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. So why not blast off into summer with a healthier, low-carb version of the traditional event?

Low-carb Diet

If you’re new to the low-carb universe, you should know that adopting a low-carb diet can be very beneficial to one’s overall health and wellbeing. In fact, in recent years, studies have shown that restricting the amount of carbohydrates one regularly consumes can be a safe and effective tool in managing type 2 diabetes, weight management, and metabolic disorders.12


Now that’s a cosmic win!


Here are some tips and suggestions to help you plan your best healthier summer low-carb BBQ ever:


Cut the sugar without sacrificing your favourite foods.


A low-carb lifestyle does not have to equal deprivation. In fact, liberating yourself from empty carbohydrates that don’t serve you will only make your world more delicious! If your perfect BBQ orbits around grilled hot dogs and burgers, we got you. Our Carbonaut hot dog and hamburger buns are full of all the classic feels and tastes, sans the extra carbs.


Here are some ways to reduce the carbs when hosting a BBQ this summer:


    • Focus on your favorite veggies instead of fruit. Swap diced watermelon for jicama strips with chili lime seasoning!


    • Consider ditching the predictable corn on the cob and potato chips that are often served with BBQ fare. Instead, grill some unconventional (but equally delicious!) sides, such as zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, and eggplant


    • Try our number-conscious hamburger and hot dog buns. They taste great, and we promise your carb-loving guests will never know the difference.



Make toppings and sides the stars of the show.


Colourful sides and interesting toppings can be the difference between a simple low-carb BBQ and an experience that’s straight out of this world! Although there’s a whole universe of options that can brighten up this year’s menu, here are some we love the most:


Spin those sensational toppings:


    • Numbers-conscious coleslaw made with vegan mayo, seeds, and spices


    • spicy rainbow microgreens


    • shredded purple cabbage


    • bright broccoli green sprouts


Colourful sides to add some major oomph:


    • red, yellow, and green grape tomatoes


    • beet and zucchini spirals


    • multi-coloured olives


    • shredded rainbow carrots


    • pickled asparagus


Remake the classics—but step up the presentation.


Looking to put together something a little different while offering your friends and family familiar foods they love? Try our idea for a low-carb bun board! This twist on the classic charcuterie board offers grilled pizza, hot dogs, and burgers—in a low-carb, plant-based, inventive buffet style.


Here are the details:


    • Find a big, fun board or platter on which to serve your guests.


    • Make a variety of bun-based summer BBQ eats and arrange on board.


    • Try using the toppings and sides we recommended above—visually appealing food makes everything taste even better! Decorate the outer edges of the board with fresh, bright herbs and colourful seasonal flowers.


    • Serve with citrus-enhanced ice water, low-sugar homemade lemonade, or chilled herbal teas with fresh mint.


Remember to have fun, get creative, and embrace the remake mindset. This is your chance to level up those rusty backyard BBQ skills!

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