Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns

Does changing the way you eat have to mean changing your level of hot dog satisfaction? Carbonaut thinks not. That’s why our bakers go beyond the standard. Beyond any numbers conscious, gluten free hot dog bun you’ve tried. We bake the way we do because we know what you’re looking for: the best that’s out there.
  • 29 GRAMS
  • 26 GRAMS
  • 6 GRAMS


Resistant tapioca and/or resistant potato starch, Water, Pea protein and/or fava bean protein, High oleic sunflower oil, Flax meal, Inulin. Contains 2% or less of: Yeast, Salt, Modified tapioca starch, Native cornstarch, Rice bran, Psyllium, Xanthan gum, Modified cellulose, Vinegar, Enzyme, Natural flavour.

For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients and nutritional information, please refer to the product packaging.